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NIRMAN was established in 1998 on 15th December with a specific view of providing diagnostic and therapeutic services for Inborn Errors of Metabolsim ( IEM ) in critically ill newborns. Later we expanded our services to older children and couples with a history of repeated abortions , fetal losses or unexplained neonatal deaths.This year we have also added special services for Autistic children , with a special team dedicated for Autism.

Our Team

Dr. Anil B. Jalan
Paediatric Geneticist

Dr. P.S.Moralwar
Consulting Paediatrician

Dr.Mrs. Judith Vaz
Neuro - Developmental Physiotherapist

Dr. Mrs. Shefali Vaidya
Sr. Clinical Psychologist
( Mental Retardation expert )

Dr. Sudha Ojha
Sr. Clinical Psychologist
( Austism expert )

Dr. Trupti Nandola
Learning Disorders expert

Dr. H.D.Zemse ( M.Sc.)
Sr.Biochemist & Lab. Incharge

Dr. Vidya Patil
Sr. Biochemist.
Heavy Metal Analyser

Ms. Prerna Desai ( M.Sc.)
( Sr. Biochemist & Research Officer )

Ms. Nutan Telawane
Followup - Executive

Ms. Rajani H. Sanhotra
Accounts & Billing

For Critically ill Newborn , either the referring paediatrician or the relatives must contact us before sending the blood or urine samples. A detailed history and discussion of available reports will help a lot in arriving at a presumptive diagnosis. Paediatricians or Gynecologists may send samples for certain specific tests.

A visit to your NICU by Dr.Anil Jalan can also be arranged.

For Mentally challanged children , Autistic children and children with learning disorders , a prior appointment with any of the team members is suggested. We shall analyse your child clinically and then undertake necessary investigations and psychoanalysis and remedial treatment programmes. This may require more than one visit. Consultation with the primary physician will also be suggested.

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Our aim will be to free your child from mental & neurological handicap and help them live free life like these birds and enjoy fruits of life. However the earlier action only will give good results. We suggest appointment with us, the moment you feel that your baby or child is not doing well as compared to children of his or her age. We have provided some clinical features and signs to be looked for in such children in the next page.